Two Amusing Notes for June 5, 2012

I’m always, ALWAYS digging through my own tree, even as I work on others’ research.

Tonight I found two things: first, that a 10th-great-grandmother, Cecily Reynolds, was yet another resident of Jamestown Colony. I have a lot of those. Many, it turns out, are through her – she was married four times. It might have been five, but she refused to keep an engagement. She caused the first breach of promise suit on the American continent. A dubious honor.

The second one is just fun: a 10th-great-grandfather, and early Rhode Island colonist, was named Zorobabel Westcott. You have to remember, though…they didn’t have TV back then and they needed some form of entertainment. That’s why he was Zorobabel Westcott Sr. He visited the sins of the fathers upon his son and created a Jr, presumably for laughs.

These may not be Earth-shattering facts, but they are the kinds of discoveries that I love. It’s the sort of craziness that I enjoy finding when I do genealogical research because it makes faded documents, old pictures and dusty books into something human and real.

Join us for some strange discoveries in YOUR family’s cupboards!