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Podcast, Episode 7: I Wish You Were Dead

I hate Valentine’s Day, so this holiday episode is all about death records. They rock my world. The focus is on Social Security and county-level death records, featuring my favorite: DEATH CERTIFICATES! Learn about the 6 W’s of assessing the purpose and value of a record before you ever use it, and then we’ll talk […]

Podcast, Episode 5: Cage Match! Ancestry vs FamilySearch

“Cage Match! Ancestry vs FamilySearch” is about the pros and cons of using and, the two main family tree sites used by the majority of researchers I know. Each has assets and drawbacks, but they’re best used together. And get a load of my fan hot spots! All kinds of folks are tuning […]

APB: Navy Discharge Papers FOUND

An Ancestry user has Navy discharge papers for Wendell Philip Albaugh. They were found on a front lawn in Rockport, Texas after Hurricane Harvey. If you know of anyone who would want them have them contact me through my website, through my Facebook page, or with a DM on Twitter and I will connect you.

Podcast, Episode 3: Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am

“Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am” is for EVERYBODY. If you’re doing research for yourself, or helping someone new start their own, this episode will help you to understand the whys and hows of using folklore-gathering skills to jumpstart your tree. I discuss a few examples of how folklore has helped me, and how asking […]

Podcast, Episode 2: From Paper To People

This episode is directed primarily toward European-American Mormons, but no matter what, you will get something out of it. I discuss the Mormon Law of Consecration and how I apply it to family history work and working with others; the differences between African-American and European American genealogy; and the specific case of my research on […]

How to store your important family documents

While digital copies of photos and documents are preferable, more easily sent and manipulated, and closer to permanent, we all have hard copies of photos and original documents. And while we live in an increasingly digital world, I believe in keeping the best of both resources, even duplicative ones. So, storage. I checked into it a while […]