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Podcast, Episode 5: Cage Match! Ancestry vs FamilySearch

“Cage Match! Ancestry vs FamilySearch” is about the pros and cons of using and, the two main family tree sites used by the majority of researchers I know. Each has assets and drawbacks, but they’re best used together. And get a load of my fan hot spots! All kinds of folks are tuning […]

Podcast, Episode 3: Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am

“Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am” is for EVERYBODY. If you’re doing research for yourself, or helping someone new start their own, this episode will help you to understand the whys and hows of using folklore-gathering skills to jumpstart your tree. I discuss a few examples of how folklore has helped me, and how asking […]

Pleasant Yet Firm Are IMPORTANT in Genealogy

Why are pleasantries a genealogical tool? Because that saying “start as you mean to go on” is serious business. Being polite, grateful and pleasant at the beginning of a transaction almost always yields a good result. Recently, I went into a cemetery’s office with four markers to photograph. One of the memorials that I sought (let’s call it “A”) […]