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Podcast, Episode 3: Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am

“Folklore, or Just the Facts, Ma’am” is for EVERYBODY. If you’re doing research for yourself, or helping someone new start their own, this episode will help you to understand the whys and hows of using folklore-gathering skills to jumpstart your tree. I discuss a few examples of how folklore has helped me, and how asking […]

Podcast, Episode 2: From Paper To People

This episode is directed primarily toward European-American Mormons, but no matter what, you will get something out of it. I discuss the Mormon Law of Consecration and how I apply it to family history work and working with others; the differences between African-American and European American genealogy; and the specific case of my research on […]

Podcast, Episode 1: From Paper To People

Yes, it’s here! Episode 1 of Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People. It’s a little bare-bones, but we’ll get fancy later. I wanted to start the New Year off right by getting things going, stating my goals. It’s a “getting to know you.” Future episodes will be rife with bells and whistles like intro […]

How To Use Your GPS to Find Small Family Cemeteries

While I’m pretty good with computers and I’m great in a research library finding genealogical gold nuggets, I’m a bit behind in my automobile technologies. Until a few weeks ago, I used Blackberry Traffic to get me from place to place without getting lost. I’ve a 1990 Honda and I’m not getting any younger, so […]

Two Amusing Notes for June 5, 2012

I’m always, ALWAYS digging through my own tree, even as I work on others’ research. Tonight I found two things: first, that a 10th-great-grandmother, Cecily Reynolds, was yet another resident of Jamestown Colony. I have a lot of those. Many, it turns out, are through her – she was married four times. It might have been five, but […]