Learn World History Through Genealogy: India

If you’re American, how much do you actually know about the history of the Indian subcontinent (Indian and Pakistani history)? Do you know what Partition was, or when it happened? It’s an enormous part of 20th-century history. Ripple effects populate the world news every night.

I am a visual learner. I read, but I prefer to be told stories through documentaries and genealogy shows. And I am hooked on Who Do You Think You Are. I watch the UK version, the Australian version, and the US version (thank you, YouTube!). This is how I acquire my historical knowledge best – with personal, memorable stories.

I have just watched a shattering episode from the current, 12th season of the UK series. In it, Anita Rani, a British journalist and television host, returns to India to learn about her family. It taught me some of the very human aspects of what could otherwise have remained a cold, historical event.

This is why we research genealogy! Please, take an hour out and watch this incredible episode. It is moving and educational and tells a tale of why we genealogists are such addicts, such tireless (some might say tiresome) devotees to this work.