Reparational Genealogy

Ancestors Alive! practices Reparational Genealogy.

If you stop and think about all that White culture has stolen from African-Americans, it’s a lot more than just money – housing, employment, education, and every other opportunity that whites take for granted, even down to life itself, has been taken from or pared down to nothing for people of color.

The most important things that the white power structure has taken from African-Americans, however, are family members and relationships, national identities, and NAMES. Reparational Genealogy seeks to help African-Americans to reclaim their names from hundreds of years of negation and alienation by whites.

If you are African-American and you are willing to take a genealogical DNA test through Ancestry DNA, FTDNA and/or, Ancestors Alive! will build you a four-generation tree on for a one-time fee of $50. We’ll teach you how to use Ancestry so that you can take over your tree using best practices and best evidence. We’ll help you upload your raw DNA and tree to and LivingDNA, and your raw DNA to to help you contact people who share DNA with you. Through that research and standard family tree documentation, we will do our best to help you get back to find your extended family and trace your African origins.

Once you feel comfortable with the process of seeking relatives and maintaining your own tree, you can transfer the tree to FamilySearch (a free site provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), or you can buy a membership to Ancestry.

WARNING: This work frequently proves that African-Americans have more Northern and Western European blood (and less Native American blood) than they thought, and it can be an emotionally challenging process. If you elect to work with Ancestors Alive! to do this work, we will proceed in your time and at your pace.

For an explanation of the genesis of Reparational Genealogy, read this post.

IF YOU ARE A GENEALOGIST: Please provide this service. Every genealogist and amateur with a tree should help advance the goals of Reparational Genealogy.

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