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Podcast, Episode 6: Don’t Be a Jeffrey

Genealogy is populated with lots of groovy people, and just enough Jeffreys doing things the wrong way to thoroughly annoy the rest of us. Don’t be a Jeffrey, be awesome! Follow the best practice and best evidence guidelines for Ancestry in this episode and you’ll go far, Cousin. Happy Black History Month to all. And […]

Podcast, Episode 4: The Glory of the Story

“The Glory of the Story” is about the fun of gathering family stories. Folklore is great for finding facts and hints to start a tree, but it’s equally wonderful for entertainment and for preserving the memory of family elders for all generations, current and future, to enjoy. If your family tells stories, this is for […]

The Monday Teaser – Extreme Family Names

appy Monday! Last week I posted a request on Facebook for outlandish family stories that prove false. This week? The Name Game. What is the weirdest first name in your family? I have some doozys from the Pilgrim crew. My favorites are Resolve (m), Keziah (f) and Iwerner (f!). Of course there are some great, more recent ones, […]