The Monday Teaser – Craziest Family Lore

Happy Monday! What’s your craziest or most unprovable family story about an ancestor? Genealogy is full of them. In my family, they range from people being taken by Indians as children and then being returned as adults only to have to sleep on the floor because beds were now weird (there might be something to that one, in the Chenoweth family of Kentucky), to flights of fancy about families into which various female relatives married. But they didn’t. I looked and looked and looked.

My great-aunt Peg said that her uncle died in an oil well explosion and his wife committed suicide as a result. Being Catholic, he was buried in hallowed ground, by the cemetery wall. She was buried outside the wall because suicide is a mortal sin, but still next to him. 90 years later and no resolution yet with that myth. Family history is loaded with such pathways and dead ends, though I’m working on it still!

Our elders’ lore is about 50% reliable leads and 50% The Telephone Game. Tell us one of your tales. Post at our Facebook page or below in the comments section.